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Capitol Campus Child Care Center is licensed by the State of Washington, Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Child Care and Early Learning. The Center is a program designed for State Employees and their families and children subsidized by DSHS. The Center is operated by 5Cs Child Care Centers; hired by the Parent Board: Parents of CCCCC Foundation. We are licensed for 87 Children. We offer care for children 6 wks to 6 years of age. Our Center is open year round and we close for state holidays and two annual in-service days.

Adult to child ratios:

Get to Know our Staff:

Tina Rogers (Director)
Nancy Rowswell (Program Supervisor)
Faith Trimble (Chief Financial Officer)
Sherry Evans (Sub)
Susan Fortugno (Sub)
Jessica McConnell (Breaks)
Charis Harmia (Breaks)
Amy Dickey (Cook)
Josh Rodgers (Cook)
Carol Bolser Hoa Nguyen
Amy Rowswell
Dung Luong Stefany Larsen
Rebekah Malone
Todd I
Thol Yem Cassey Stead
Kasondra Mancill
Todd II
Mandy Beckwith-Schaffer Cindy Ballard
Angela Glorioso Kayla Arellano
Samantha Juhnke Millie Jaegar
Kim Van Dang
Lori Painter Grace Narez
Moriah Roedell

Our 2021 Tuition Rates

Increase effective 1/1/21

Infants $1365 $904 $700
Wobblers $1327 $876 $675
Todd I & II $1222 $819 $624
Preschool $1181 $810 $610
Pre-K $1160 $793 $600

2021 Sibling Tuition Rates:

Inf/Todd $2407
Inf/Pre $2368
Inf/Pre-K $2348
Wobb/Todd $2371
Wobb/Pre $2333
Wobb/Pre-K $2313
Todd/Todd $2273
Todd/Pre $2235
Todd/Pre-K $2216
Pre/Pre-K $2178


Click to get directions to 232 Perry St. NW 98502 Olympia WA